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This is a story about a public relations woman who learns about holiday magic and love while helping a family toy maker overcome a legal challenge at Christmas.

The audiobook version is a true dramatization in that all of the book's characters are portrayed by actors. Plus, it includes holiday music and sound effects sprinkled throughout to make you feel you're in the room or vehicle or on the street with these characters whom you'll come to love.

To read more about the audio and/or to order your copy today, see the News Release below. Below are a few samples pulled from the production.

In addition, at bottom you'll find photographs of the actors during the recording process. 



News Release 


Order The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder Audiobook

Ricardo Cabral is delighted with the audiobook dramatization of his novella, The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder. The audiobook features nine actors, including the author himself, presenting a dramatization of the fictional work that was published in 2011 (to view the Cast List scroll down). 

Originally, Cabral intended to narrate the entire work. “Once I decided to expand from a traditional audiobook format, I realized we could create something akin to the old radio dramas from the 1930s and ‘40s,” Cabral said. “So, I brought in some of my acting associates and newcomers to contribute their voices to this project, and they really helped to bring it to life and in the process make my wish come true—to create a dramatization of ‘Christmas Wish Holder.’”  

Like those old-time productions of the past, Cabral’s dramatization includes traditional Foley sound effects, along with home-grown sounds, plus holiday music sprinkled throughout the two hour, forty-eight minute production. 

Most dramatizations are adaptations of literary classics, while many of today’s fiction audiobooks feature one voice, either that of the author or a voice actor. The dramatization of this modern work –“Christmas Wish Holder”— sets this project apart from most in the audiobook or spoken word category.

To order your copy go the bottom of the page. For a quick listen to samples from the audiobook and to view the cast members who contributed the voices, scroll down.


The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder 

Audiobook Dramatization 

Produced/Directed/Written/Narrated by
Ricardo Cabral 


Ricardo Cabral plays the Soltero men (Donte, Ernesto, Rolando, Jamas and Anthony)
Stoyonix attorney Bernard Rigl 

Mary Beth Barber as Grace McBride 

Sarah Elizabeth Warren as Alena Soltero 

Eric Jay Decetis as Ronko Stoyonovich 

Janine Romney as Mrs. LeValier, nurse and church woman 

Leon Lee as the doctor and the homeless man 

Johnny Doskow as the medical assistant 

Polly Dahms Adams as Ms. Cox, Sheila Malvory, and McBride’s PR assistant 

Tim Church as Sammy the barman


 Christmas Wish Holder
Audiobook Samples

Note: the sound quality of this platform
is inferior to the final product.


 Ch. 1
Opening Five Minutes
Featuring Mary Beth Barber and Ricardo Cabral

 Ch. 4
Mrs. LeValier
Featuring Janine Romney

 Ch. 5
"Rigl" Miracle
Featuring Leon Lee and Johnny Doskow

 Ch. 8
Grace Confronts Stoyonovich
Featuring Eric Jay Decetis and Mary Beth Barber




 The River Cats' radio broadcast team of Johnny Doskow (left) and Leon Lee play the medical assistant and doctor at the UC Davis Med Center Emergency Room. Lee also plays a homeless man in Chapter 12.

Mary Beth Barber (left), who plays Grace McBride, and Sarah Elizabeth Warren, who portrays Alena Soltero, work on their only scene together.

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